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Mumbai: A dispute between Hollywood star Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard has gone to court. Presently the dispute is being heard, so it is a matter of daily discussion. Sometimes Johnny accuses Amber, and sometimes Amber denies Johnny’s actions. In Johnny and Amber’s case, witnesses from their servants to bodyguards are examined. At a recent hearing, Amber admitted that this could lead to a different matter.

Actually, the most serious issues of Johnny and Amber’s life are being heard in the court. Johnny is sued by Amber for defamation, denying the allegations made by Amber. Johnny being a celebrity in Hollywood, this court case is discussed all over the world. Johnny and his ex-wife Amber, who have gone to court regarding each other’s allegations and counter-allegations, are now facing questions one after the other.

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In the hearing going on for the last few days, Amber admitted for the first time that he had slapped Johnny in the mouth several times. Of course, I have taken this step for my own safety. The allegations that Johnny made against me that I attacked him are false. Amber has argued in the court that in the quarrel between us, I slapped him in the face. “Johnny was often violent in our fights, so I had to raise my hand to defend him,” Amber said. Responding to questions from Johnny’s lawyers, Amber said, ‘I have never raised my hand nor attacked anyone for any reason. On the other hand, Johnny beat me up and physically tortured me.
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Amber and Johnny met on the sidelines of the movie The Rum Diary. Then they decided to get married. They got married in 2015 but got separated in 2017 due to not being with each other. Amber accuses Johnny of domestic violence. Johnny has filed a defamation suit against Amber. Johnny claims that Amber’s false allegations put her acting career in jeopardy.

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Hollywood actress Amber Heard and Hollywood star Johnny Depp’s love story and their marriage have not been discussed as much as their divorce. And now the pair is in the limelight again because of their running cortex. Amber sued Johnny for domestic violence. Johnny has filed a $50 million defamation suit against Amber. Due to the hearing of this case, this pair has come in the discussion.


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