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Mumbai- Hollywood stars Johnny Depp and Amber Heard were both in the news for their trial. The outcome of the defamation suit was in Johnny’s favor. The court then orders Amber to pay a large sum of money to Johnny. However, Amber’s lawyers said they would appeal against the decision again. Meanwhile, an e-mail is going viral on social media alleging that Amber was paid a hefty amount for making false allegations against Johnny.

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Screenshot of mail went viral

A screenshot of the mail in a tweet is currently going viral. The mail was sent by Adam Wadman of Johnny Depp’s legal team to Ben Chew and Camille Vasquez. In the Mail, Edman writes that both his ex-wife and Amber were plotting to seduce Johnny Depp. In it, he said that on May 21, 2016, just before Johnny and Amber separated, officers from the Los Angeles Police Department arrived at the penthouse in Johnny’s East Columbia building after a domestic violence complaint.

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Amber Heard got the offer?

According to the screenshot of this leaked e-mail, Amber Heard called the police and falsely accused Johnny Depp of committing violence while under the influence of alcohol. The e-mail also states that Raquel, Amber and Edman’s wife conspired to seduce Johnny. It is learned that Amber was offered about 1.5 crores i.e. around 15 crores. If the allegations made in the e-mail are found to be true, then Amber could face serious charges. It was also claimed in the same mail that Amber had an extramarital affair with billionaire businessman Elon Musk.

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The police officers also called Amber a liar?

During the trial of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, two police officers said at their hearing that when they arrived at Johnny’s home, it appeared that no violence had been committed against Amber. Johnny filed a defamation suit against Amber in 2011 after one of his articles. Amber had accused the actor of domestic violence without naming Johnny in the article.


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