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The scene in the previous episode of ARY Digital’s drama series ‘Kisi Teri Khud Bhogi’ was blown away by the fans.

Drama serial “How selfish of you” I am Danish Taimur (Shamsher), Darfashan Salim (Mehak), Laiba Khan (Nida), Noman Ejaz (Baba Sahib), Shahood Alvi (Akram Mehek’s father), Laila Wasti, Atiqa Odhu, Hammad Shoaib (Ahsan) and other main characters have been.

In the previous episode 21, it was shown that after learning the truth about “Baba Sahib”, Shamsher left the house with Mehek and Baba Sahib also closed their bank accounts, after which he rode his bike to take Mehek home.

Mahek asks Shamsher that “you want to ride.” On this Shamsher says eventually she will come, but she says the house is quite far from here, eventually won’t work, we go in a rickshaw.

Shamsher says that “I had a sports bike long ago. When there was an accident, Baba Sahib forbade me to ride the bike. Talking about riding in a rickshaw, Shamsher says I have no money.”

Mahek says no problem we will reach there and give the money.

Shamshir says that “you are my wife now and I don’t need any help from your family as long as you are my wife.”

“If we have to go, let’s go, we’ll get there,” he says. Mahek says that “Yes, help is not taken, but life must be taken.”

Will Mahek also fall in love with Shamsher after seeing his changed behaviour? Watch the next episode every Wednesday at 8pm to find out.



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