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Kanpur: Conversion of young man who married Maulvi’s daughter

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A case of religious conversion has come to light from Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh. The daughter of a local priest reportedly first eloped with a Hindu boy named Ankit. Married in the temple. Got the marriage registered in court. It is alleged that when both returned home, the boy was forcibly converted to Islam and remarried the girl.

Ankit’s father has complained to the police regarding the forced conversion of his son. It has been stated in the complaint that after his marriage with Kareena, his son Ankit has been named Chand Bhai. A video of Ankit is also going viral on social media. In this he is seen marrying Kareena in an Islamic manner. The police are investigating the matter.

According to media reports, the case is related to Chaubepur police station area in Kanpur. Here, Ankit, a resident of Nathupur village, was friends with Kareena, who lives in his neighborhood since childhood. The friendship later turned into a love affair. Kareena’s father’s name is Shamim. He is a priest. Reportedly, both tried hard to persuade their respective families about the marriage. However, due to different religions, the family members continued to oppose this relationship. Finally, 6 months ago, Ankit and Kareena left the house and went somewhere together.

It is said that during this time both had a temple marriage and later a court marriage according to Hindu law. But when Ankit returned home with Kareena, the family refused to keep him. It is said that in the meantime, some people from the Muslim community contacted Ankit. He got Ankit converted and then got him married again to Kareena. A proper video of this Nikah was also made where Ankit is seen sitting with a cap on his head.

This video is going viral on social media since September 2nd. In this video Qazi gets Nikah done. Testimony in Nikah has been given by Mohammad Irfan and Mohammad Shakir Alam. 51786 rupees have been given as dowry for Nikah. Later, Qazi also interrogated Ankit 3 times about confessing Kareena, to which the answer came with yes. Although Ankit laughed during this question.

After the video went viral, Ankit’s father filed a police report about his son’s conversion. In the complaint, he has written that the new name of his son Ankit has been changed to Chand Bhai. While pleading to get his son back, Ankit’s father told that he is ready to accept Kareena as his daughter-in-law. In this case, SHO Chaubepur Inspector Sanjay told the media that both of them were already in a love relationship. Along with this, he informed about the allegations of conversion and the investigation into the viral video is ongoing.