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کرناک پل

Karnak Bridge

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Mumbai: Seeing the urgent need to remove the nearly 150-year-old Karnak bridge between CSMT and Masjid railway station, the Railways has informed the Mumbai Police and BMC.

South Mumbai’s Karnak Bridge, built nearly 150 years ago during the British era, is in a dangerous condition. Built in 1867, this bridge is in very dilapidated condition and heavy vehicles are prohibited.

BMC will issue NOC.

The Railways has planned to demolish the dilapidated Karnak bridge, but it will require an NOC from the BMC. In view of the poor condition of the bridge, it was said that the Railways has informed the Joint CP (Traffic), Mumbai to demolish the bridge. Mumbai Police says BMC should act on NOC regarding closure of bridge.

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The Hancock Bridge is open.

Hancock Bridge has been renovated by MCGM and opened for public use from August 1. Keeping this in mind, Railways has asked to issue necessary NOC for closure of Karnak ROB.

Railways has contacted Mumbai Police and BMC. ROB will be circulated as soon as NOC is received. Central Railway will have to take several blocks to break this railway overbridge.

-Shivaji Sottar, CPRO, Central Railway


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