Kashmir’s independence is possible with Pakistan’s political and economic power | Pro IQRA News

Kashmir’s independence is possible with Pakistan’s political and economic power

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Like every year, this year too February 5 is celebrated as Kashmir Day in Pakistan. This day is an official holiday and large and small processions and demonstrations are carried out. In these processions and demonstrations, solidarity is expressed with Kashmiris living in occupied Kashmir. In these demonstrations, determination is expressed to free Occupied Kashmir from Indian rule and Indian atrocities are portrayed in full.

Father of the Nation Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah had declared Kashmir as the aorta of Pakistan. If we examine all the claims and actions of India with reference to Occupied Kashmir, their claims are empty compared to the claims of Pakistan, which has no legal and moral standing.

India’s bigoted Prime Minister Narendra Modi made the Kashmir issue more controversial by abrogating Article 370 about three and a half years ago. His action, in which the self-determination of Kashmir has been affected, also challenged the leaders of justice in the world. it has been said that if anyone has courage, they should show us by following UN resolutions on Kashmir.

Indian critics still try to compare occupied Kashmir with Azad Kashmir. My answer on this occasion is that Pakistan’s Azad Kashmir can be recognized as Occupied Kashmir only if there is an army in Azad Kashmir as in Occupied Kashmir, thus creating narratives of persecution of non-Muslim Kashmiris. If all this cannot be shown, the critics should admit that Pakistan-held Kashmir is not occupied at all, and Indian-held Kashmir is indeed occupied.

The enthusiasm with which we celebrate the Kashmir Solidarity Day on February 5 every year and the enthusiasm with which we organize demonstrations and processions, I am forced to think whether these demonstrations and processions will liberate Kashmir.

If this happens, the solutions to the problems in all the countries of the world will begin to come out through demonstrations and processions. If it is seen morally, when India knocked on the door of the United Nations, in the light of its decision, Kashmiri people have the right to vote. By allowing Dahi, the decision of their future should have been left in their hands. But the UN unfortunately only exists to rule over poor and weak countries, while powerful countries immediately throw their decisions in the trash.

Similarly, if conflicts were to be resolved through war, the Kashmir issue would have been resolved by now. It does not hurt to admit the bitter fact that India’s influence and mutual relations are more than ours than the powerful countries of the world, who have the ability to influence the decisions of the United Nations. The main reason for this is that India’s workforce and economy are larger and stronger than Economy of Pakistan. For this reason, even powerful countries do not create problems with India, while we Western countries, on the one hand, powerful Islamic countries do not like to weed properly.

The solution of the Kashmir problem is only possible by giving free voice to the Kashmiri people, and this is only possible if we are economically strong enough that even the powerful countries of the world feel the need for us and put pressure on India. to do so. Otherwise, Kashmiri committees will continue to be formed, money will continue to be wasted in the name of Kashmir, ministries will continue to be divided and the oppressed Kashmiris will continue to suffer.