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Rescue crews came to the aid of two young kayakers who became lost in the Mining Swamp in Springwater Township.

Provincial police say the pair of 18-year-olds left Willow Creek in a tandem kayak on Sunday night with plans to travel the Nottawasaga River to the Edenvale Conservation Centre.

“As they traveled through the river and entered the area of ​​the Mining Swamp, it became too narrow to maneuver their vessel further,” OPP said.

The two could not turn around or get on solid ground and called the police for help.

The OPP Emergency Response Team, along with the Trenton Joint Rescue Coordination Center and a Griffon helicopter, were dispatched to locate the kayakers.

“Just before midnight, the two were evacuated by helicopter to a nearby airport,” police noted.

One individual was taken to a hospital as a precaution.


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