Keir Starmer parodied clips from Scotland in his St. George’s Day video | Pro IQRA News

Keir Starmer parodied clips from Scotland in his St. George’s Day video

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KEIR STARMER has been criticized online after users noticed several clips from Scotland were used in the Labor leader’s St George’s Day video.

Starmer took to social media to celebrate the patron saint of England in a video that celebrates the best of England and documents his travels through local communities.

However, during his video of him talking about local communities, eagle-eyed viewers noticed that the clip featured the famous Faniston Crane located in Glasgow, just north of the border.

Just moments later, the video shows Glasgow’s Buchanan Street from the top steps of the famous Glasgow Royal Concert Hall.

Also briefly shown are shots of high-rise apartments in the town of Campslang on the outskirts of greater Glasgow.

The venue is often used by demonstrators and speakers on several occasions throughout the year sitting next to the statue of First Minister of Scotland Donald Dewar.

Starmer posted the video to social media, writing: “On behalf of the Labor Party I wish everyone in England a very happy St George’s Day”.

Starmer’s video has attracted more than 1,900 likes and more than 1,000 comments from users – many of whom were quick to mock the opposition leader for his missteps.

Someone said, “Why did you use screenshots from Scotland?”

Another added: “Where is the Finiston crane in England?”

A third replied: “A lot of Glasgow in your England video there.”

A fourth joked, “Would you do one of these for St Andrew’s Day and take pictures of an English town?”

Another commented: “I know you’d like Glasgow to be in England but I think you’ll find it’s not despite it being in your video.”

A sixth said: “These two shots are from Glasgow—particularly from a part of England. Maybe take it out and save it for the next St Andrew’s Day video?”

The Labor leader has had a tumultuous weekend after he was also forced to suspend long-time MP Diane Abbott following comments she made to the Guardian newspaper yesterday (SUN).

The MP for Hackney North and Stoke Newington had written about racism when she claimed that only black people experience racism throughout their lives.

She criticized her comments about Jews, Irishmen and travelers after claiming that they “undoubtedly suffer from prejudice”.