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Key decision of Telangana Congress ఉమ్మడి Joint struggle in place of Jaggareddy Deeksha

Key decision of Telangana Congress ఉమ్మడి Joint struggle in place of Jaggareddy Deeksha

The Telangana Congress has decided to hold a joint struggle instead of the initiative taken by Sangareddy MLA Jaggareddy at Pragati Bhavan in Hyderabad on the 17th of this month. The zoom meeting on Saturday was attended by PCC president Revanth Reddy, CLP leader Bhatti Vikramarka, AICC secretaries Bosuraju and Srinivas Krishnan, working presidents Geeta Reddy, Jaggareddy, Anjan Kumar Yadav, campaign committee chairman Madhuyashki and AICC program chairman Maheshwar Reddy. After the meeting, Working President Mahesh Kumar Goud announced the decisions taken at the meeting.

On this occasion, Jaggareddy said that the CLP leaders had decided to wage a joint struggle in place of Deeksha. On the 17th, Jaggareddy said that he wanted to postpone the inauguration he wanted to do on various issues and in that place the MLAs and MLCs of the CLP decided to write a letter to the CM KCR and ask for the appointment of the CM. The CLP meeting decided to fight jointly if the CM did not give an appointment.

The meeting mainly decided to take steps to achieve the digital membership in a timely manner. On the 17th of this month, MLA Jaggareddy said that he had asked for the appointment of a CM on various issues and if he did not do so, he would announce that he would initiate there. He said that if the CM does not submit a petition on various issues on the 18th and 19th of this month, he will fight. He also said that the CLP-led MLAs and MLCs would visit the Venkatapuram zone on the 17th to discuss the situation of chilli farmers affected by the hailstorm.

He also criticized the police in the state for completely ignoring peace and security and acting as TRS activists, while the TRS leaders were beating up the police who were supposed to serve the people. A family member was brutally murdered in Palwancha by the son of an MLA, but a couple of lawyers were brutally murdered in Manthani but the police did not take proper action. He said the police would fight for the government to take steps to ensure the safety of the people. He also said that a CLP meeting would be held from the 20th to the 24th to discuss the issue with MPs, MLAs, MLCs as well as former ministers and various experts.


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