Khyber Medical University will set up a campus in Kabul Pi News

Peshawar (Mashreq News) Khyber Medical University (KMU) Peshawar has decided to open an offshore campus in the Afghan capital Kabul. KMU has been invited to open a campus in Kabul by the Government of Afghanistan. A delegation of KMU led by Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Zia-ul-Haq and comprising Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Lal Muhammad Khattak, Distinguished Surgeon Dr. Mushtaq, Dr. Waqar and Deputy Director Media and Protocol Alamgir Afridi visited Kabul recently. But during meetings with senior Afghan officials. According to the details, KM Yuvia Campus will be set up by the Higher Education Commission in the light of Islamabad’s offshore campus establishment policy and guidelines with the approval of HEC and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, for which the building will be provided by the Afghan government. According to preliminary information, KMU has submitted a three-tier plan to the Afghan government for the establishment of the proposed campus, which will be implemented gradually. In addition to the 12 departments of Allied Health Sciences, the programs will include Nursing, Physiotherapy, Public Health, Psychiatry, Nutrition and Pharmacy programs. In the second phase, MS, MD and Diploma courses in various clinical disciplines will be started. The third phase will consist of MBBS, BDS and various diploma and short course programs. To provide opportunities for higher education and training.

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