Kim Jong Un’s wife’s secrets revealed, how did the cheerleader become the dictator’s wife? | Kim Jong Un’s wife’s secrets revealed

Kim Jong Un’s wife’s secrets revealed, how did the cheerleader become the dictator’s wife? | Kim Jong Un’s wife’s secrets revealed

Disclosure on Kim Jong Un's wife

Disclosure on Kim Jong Un’s wife

The wife of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has been a cheerleader and has sung songs. Kim Jong Un’s wife has been revealed to be a competitive cheerleader and singer, belonging to a noble family in North Korea. The American newspaper CNN has made some big revelations about the wife of the North Korean dictator and said that Kim Jong Un’s wife, named Re Sol-Joo, was a professional cheerleader before marriage.

Wife's name is Ri Sol-Joo

Wife’s name is Ri Sol-Joo

According to reports, Ri Sol-joo also toured South Korea as a member of North Korea’s cheering team for the 2005 Asian Athletics Championships. The report claims that when Ri Sol-joo was 20, she was part of the North Korean Olympic cheerleading team. Ri Sol-Jun is around 30 to 35 years old and has three children and was a singer before marrying a North Korean dictator.

Kim Jong Un's 38th Birthday

Kim Jong Un’s 38th Birthday

The revelation came as Kim Jong Un celebrates his 38th birthday and has been in power for the past 10 years. Is in China for study. According to reports, Kim Jong Un’s wife was associated with the Anhasu Orchestra, a popular orchestral group that included traditional Korean songs. However, CNN has dismissed rumors that Kim Jong Un and Ree Sol-Juni had four eyes at a concert.

Attempt to erase history

Attempt to erase history

According to The Sun, Kim Jong Un is deeply concerned about the past history of his wife, Ri Sool-old, and North Korean authorities have tried to erase every history of Ri Sool-old singer life. All images and videos seen in Re Sol-Ju have been deleted. According to the report, every ladder in which Ri Sol-Joo was seen singing has been confiscated and destroyed.

Belonging to an aristocratic family

Belonging to an aristocratic family

According to the report, Kim Jong Un’s wife is believed to be from an area called Chongjin in the northern part of Hemgyong province in northern Korea, and his mother is a gynecologist, and his father is a professor, and is considered an aristocratic family.

Married after father's death

Married after father’s death

According to ABC, Kim Jong Un married Ri Sol-joo shortly after the death of her father, Kim Jong Il, in 2009 and officially made her North Korea’s first lady in 2012. Kim Jong Un’s father Kim Jong Il died of a heart attack. Kim Jong Un’s marriage was so secretive that the Western media could not get the ConocoPhillips news, and when Ri Sol-joo was named North Korea’s first lady in 2012, there was a stir in the Western media, including the United States. .