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Many people know them for their “Dream Home Lottery” draw, but the Kinsman Club of Kingston, Ont., Is more than that. The local organization that serves the community is now serving a large community that includes displaced Ukrainians.

“As a club, we voted to set aside our six rental units in our apartment buildings for Ukrainian families displaced by the war in Ukraine,” said Brian McDonald, a member of the Kingston Kinsmen Club.

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Kingston, Ond. The couple is financing the Ukrainian family, aiming to bring them to the city

The teams are currently in the process of preparing a unit for its new tenants. All they have to worry about when Ukrainian families arrive is part of the plan to ensure they settle in their new community.

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“The Kinsmen will pay the rent for the apartments for a year and finish everything,” McDonald said. “Tenants are responsible for their own internet and entertainment and things like that.”

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Kingston City Council is to show support for Ukraine with symbolic solidarity

Kingston’s St. Vincent de Paul Society has partnered with Kinsmen to help with donations to Ukrainian refugees.

“I have a feeling people will really want to get involved, but we have very little space in St. Vincent, so we’ve published a list of things we need to do. Said Vincent de Paul, managing director of the Society of Kingston.

Providing shelter for Kingston Kinsmen is nothing new. The organization has provided similar assistance to Syrian refugee families.

“Six, seven years ago, when we started seeing Syrian families coming into the Kingston area, we did the same project,” McDonald said. “We have three more Syrian families living there, which is great. They are a huge part of our community here.

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‘Unacceptable delay’: Ottawa faces growing criticism over Ukrainian refugee pledges

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