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Digital Desk: The rainy season is almost over. The risk of waterborne diseases is very high at this time. During the monsoon season, new diseases appear and stomach upsets occur. So it is better to avoid outside food as much as possible. Only then will it be possible to stay healthy at this time, otherwise you will be in danger. It is better to avoid the foods that are dangerous to eat in the rainy season. Let me know.

1) In the rainy season, the less fish that can be eaten, the better. In particular, be careful when eating marine fish. Rainfed fish cause many problems in the body.

2) In the rainy season, stomach upset is common. It is better not to eat dairy food frequently at this time.

3) It is not good to keep yoghurt in the rainy season, it is likely to catch a cold. Because the incidence of fever, cold and cough is more during the rainy season. So you have to keep an eye on it so that it doesn’t get cold.

4) Be careful when eating salad during the rainy season. Bacterial infections occur in raw vegetables at this time. So it is better to avoid raw vegetables at this time.

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