Kolhapur: Farmer injured in cow attack in Ambapwari | Pro IQRA News

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Kasarwadi; Leading News Service: A cow attacked a farmer who had gone to fetch fodder for the animals in the field at Ambapavadi (in Hatkaningale). One farmer was injured while the other survived. The incident took place on Tuesday morning.

At 7:30 in the morning Rangrao Shriram had gone to fetch fodder for the animals. While feeding the bicycle, the cow attacked them from behind. This time Khot fell on the dam. Nearby, Yuvraj Khot had gone to pick fodder with a motorcycle. Seeing wheat coming towards them, they left the bike and ran away. Khot was admitted to a private hospital. There is an atmosphere of fear in the area due to wheat attack. There is a demand for the supply of cows.


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