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Banarhat: Igor, the president of the teacher in-charge and management committee, got into a fight with Pathan. The incident at Banarhat Girls High School. The situation is so complicated that the district school inspector himself does not want to get into it!

Contract temporary workers locked the gate of Banarhat Girls High School on Thursday demanding arrears of salary. Students and teachers stand outside the gate for a long time as classes and staffrooms are not open on this day. However, it is noteworthy that on this day, the president of the school management committee Payal Mallick also joined the protest in front of the school gate with the workers. He accused teacher in-charge Ankita Sen of abusing members of the steering committee. Payal Mallick demanded the removal of the in-charge and immediate payment of salaries to the temporary workers.

On the other hand, Ankita Sen, teacher in-charge of Banarhat Girls’ High School, has lodged a counter-complaint against the president of the school’s management committee for non-cooperation. “The president is not trying to change the bank’s operator,” he said. As a result, the salaries of contract workers are stuck. The problem will be solved only if he goes to the bank without protesting. ‘

On the other hand, the district school inspector Balika Gole said that the teacher in charge has a problem with the management committee. That’s why he doesn’t want to get involved. The teacher in charge complained on the phone. The in-charge and the president will decide on the payment of arrears.

Students and teachers have to stand outside the gate for a long time on this day. After receiving the news, the police of Banarhat police station reached and opened the door and arranged for the students to enter the class.

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