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The Leeds, Greenville and Lanark County Health Division advises residents at the wells to test their water at least three times a year.

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Spring is a good time to test for bacteria when it rains heavily, and according to the health department, bacteria do not affect the color or taste of water.

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BC The liquid manure from the flood may have polluted some of the underground wells

A dysfunctional sewage disposal system can be a source of contamination to well water and public health recommends a long list of waste disposal items such as fats, oils, grease, tampons and cat litter.

The district health department says that by storing water, residents’ sewage disposal systems will continue to function properly.

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It is not clear how private wells are polluted by bacteria, says the city of Quisbamzis

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Laundry should be spread throughout the week, reducing the length of showers and making sure pipes and toilets are not leaking or running.

The health department also recommends routine inspections of the septic tank.

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