Letter to SSP regarding action on Jamadar who made an innocent person accused by pre-planning :- Abhijeet Pi News

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KV:- On Sunday, near the state boarding of the coal station of the local police station area, the electrician died due to electrocution on the transformer. Bhikhari Mahto, son of Yogendra Mahto of the deceased Electrician Egyptian Kasanraini village, has been told 57, regarding the incident, it has been told that the Egyptian had climbed to make a fuse on the transformer near the state boarding located in the coal station village. He first cut the switch off line and climbed on the transformer, but the current did not stop. During this, he got hit by the current and died. It is said that at the time of switch off, the current supply could not be stopped due to not being turned off properly. Due to which the accident happened. As soon as the information about the incident was received, Rani Kumari reached the spot along with Dal Val and took stock of the situation and started the further process by sending the dead body. Here on going back from JE Dinesh Kumar Singh in this regard, he told that he was not a government Egyptian or Manav Val. Went to fix the electric fuse, but the seach would not have been given properly. Due to which the current remained on and he got caught in it. On Monday, a youth was crushed to death by a truck laden with sand on the Nanora Mohammadpur road of the local police station area. While the other narrowly escaped and ran away in fear. The deceased, Manish Kumar Mahto, son of Madan Mahto of Jalwara Khaparpura village, has been described as 19. In relation to the incident, it has been told that he was coming towards Nanora Chowk by bike riding with two persons. In this sequence, a sand laden truck was going from Nanora Chowk of Darbhanga Jaynagar NH 527B towards Muhammadpur. Meanwhile, the bike slipped due to mud on the road near Bhata, located ahead of Nanora Chowk, and the rider slipped and hit a sand laden truck that reached there immediately. People sent him to DMCH for treatment, but he died on the way, angry people blocked the Nanora Muhammadpur road at the spot and stopped the traffic. As soon as the information was received, Kevati police station head Rani Kumari reached the spot along with the force and took stock of the situation, after persuading the people and trying for necessary government assistance, got the jam removed and sent the dead body to DMCH for post-mortem. . Road was jammed for half an hour