Lightning fell on Patna’s Hathua Market shop, 15 shops burnt down Pi News

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Patna: A terrible fire broke out in Patna’s Hathua Market early in the morning. Dozens of shops were gutted due to the fire. A fire broke out in several clothing shops at Hathua Market in Pirbahor police station area of ​​Patna around 4:00 am. The fire is so terrible that till now the fire brigade team has not been able to control the fire. However, dozens of fire brigade vehicles on the spot are trying to douse the fire since morning.

Hathua Market, which is also a very old market, where a cloth market is set up, is a very popular market of Pirbhohar police station area. There, dozens of shops were burnt to ashes due to the fall of lightning in the early morning. Local people told that a bike was parked outside the shop. Around 4 in the morning, lightning struck the bike and the tank of the bike exploded.

Due to which the shops caught fire and businessmen lost crores. Dozens of officers are present on the spot since morning and the exercise to control the fire is going on. But the fire has not been brought under control yet. Now it has to be seen how long the fire can be controlled.

Anu Prakash reports from Patna