Lockup winner Munawar Farooqi talks about Anjali Arora, reveals why they don’t follow her on social media ProIQRA News

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Back in the lockup, the audience was connected for Munawar Farooqi and Anjali Arora. The two were very close and the latter also expressed his love for the comedian. However, it was learned that Anjali has a boyfriend named Akash and Munawar had also hinted that he has a girlfriend outside the house. Now, after winning the show, Munawar has clearly indicated that his girlfriend is none other than an impressive one named Nazila Sitashi. In a recent interview, he now talks to Anjali about his equality, and what he actually did. He also revealed why he does not follow Anjali on social media.

Speaking to RJ Siddharth Kannan, Munawar refused to call Anjali his lifelong friend and said, “No one can guarantee a lifelong bond in any relationship. But yes, he is a good man. “And I don’t know what’s going to happen next,” he said. But there was always a line we did not cross. And he maintained a line. It’s not a big deal, it’s just the audience’s point of view.

Explaining why he doesn’t follow her, he said he doesn’t like her content. He also said, “In a captive reality show where your connection to the world of Bihar is cut off, you think that my world around 12 people is poverty.” So Asman is a friend, Bond is formed and Anjali has become such a good friend. We both comforted her together. I can disrespect her. You think this is my world around 12 people. Is. There is friendship, there are bonds and I had such a good friendship with Anjali, we were so comfortable with each other that I could disrespect her. “

Earlier, in an interview with ETimes, Munawar confirmed his relationship with Nazila and said, “I have known Nazila for over a year now and we have been dating for some months now. He also said in another interview that whatever bonds he made inside the show were real and he did not do it to manipulate or win the show.

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