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Devendra Gaonde
You want to see thugs running down the street with swords to kill someone. The scene of killing someone by firing at a vehicle parked at Bhar Chowk is a ‘Yachi Dehi Dola’ experience. If you want to witness a car accident that results in murder, a young woman in one-sided love at the intersection of eight roads with a knife, you don’t have to go to Patna if you want. or similar cities in Bihar. No need to quench your thirst for milk by watching Gangs of Wasseypur. Rather, if you come straight to Nagpur, walk freely on the open roads here, you will surely witness this violent incident.

This city is the vice capital of the state. It is actually the capital of criminals. There is police here too, but like in the movie, they come when the incident happens. These criminals have taken it upon themselves to destroy the common belief that Nagpur is peaceful compared to Mumbai and Pune. In this they have been very successful. Now tell me what the police do. They are to keep an eye on sand smuggling, crack down on Ganga Jamuna gangs selling meat, take action against those in power, help in political vendettas, crack down on big businessmen who run betting and gambling dens. Busy downloading and then giving them away. ‘Relief’, so that the image of the force is unblemished and free from corruption. The work of Nagpur Police is so big that this list can be extended. Then you will think how come despite doing all this crime increases? The police have a standard answer for this too. That means the city is a bit hot-blooded. Killings happen for trivial reasons. Being a central location, miscreants from all over the country take shelter here, theft of sand, coal increases crime. Many reasons are given for such a defense by the police. Now, some would say that this is a form of covering up for dereliction of duty. Perhaps, but everyone understood that despite the rise in crime, the police had managed to maintain a ‘clean’ image. Please don’t ask philosophical questions about how the police managed to unravel the mystery of cleanliness despite the criminals being given such free rein. You will be counted in the word ‘half-wit’. However, the police do not want to ask questions. After this rant, let’s look at the crime statistics released at the national level.

The city ranks first in the country in sexual violence against women. The number is the same in cybercrime. Second in Sexsarsion. Also second in motorcycle theft. We are second only to Mumbai in rape. Number one in the country in suicides. Injustice to children, violence ranks fifth in the country. Nagpur ranks first in juvenile crime, burglary, theft, robbery. Nagpurkar’s goons have a hand in stealing the gold chain, so they came first. Also earlier in kidnapping. Nagpur is known all over the world as the city of old people. Here the talent goes out to find a job and the parents live alone. The city ranks first in the country in robbing and assaulting lonely elderly people. Second in attempted murders and first in accidents. The rest of the farmers committed suicide on the fifth day. That’s why we never missed the first number. Now it is inevitable that this city, which has become a paradise for criminals, will lead the country in the number of crimes. Only one remains. The city also ranks in the top five for rape of minor girls and second in financial crimes. Two major national highways pass through the city. The police try to discipline the vehicles that run over them without taking bribes. Yet the city ranks first in the country in accidents. All this information was obtained from the National Crime Investigation Department.

The police may say it’s a lie. This denial may be from the stance of not tarnishing the clean image, but what about the reality? What about the sense of insecurity created in ordinary citizens? What will happen to the notoriety of the city due to this crime? The police do not want to find answers to these questions! They all have the same expectation. Nagpur should not be stigmatized on the issue of crime. If anyone does, it will not be tolerated. This kind of behavior under the sweet illusion that it will hide the facts. This is becoming the norm these days. Just the other day I had a meeting with a big businessman working in the IT sector. Not only in Mumbai, Pune, but also in America, his name is very influential. Many educated youth see it as an employment opportunity. Why not come to Nagpur? Why are opportunities not provided to the youth here? Time to ask just two such questions. They started talking loudly. Here’s what the offense is all about. Their main question is how to keep thousands of employees safe where there is killing, fighting and looting in broad daylight. Even now, groups that extort money from companies and do it for political gain are not here. In Pune, the problem has increased recently, but crime here is horrendous. If it continues to grow like this, very soon such groups will form. Southern cities are relatively safe. So the idea of ​​going to Hyderabad is still on. The answer is absolutely correct. Until now, there was a perception in Vidarbha that Mumbai, being far away from its port, did not bring industries to the area. There is some truth in this. However, there is no geographical barrier for industries in the IT, drug research sector. However, they are reluctant to come because of rising crime rates. If something happens to the employees in the established industry and outside the city, it affects the performance of the overall unit. His answer that IT is not affordable speaks volumes. Street crimes have now decreased in major cities across the country. Organized crime has also been destroyed but the image of Nagpur is still intact. Although the population is less than the big cities, the crime graph is increasing here. No one cares about it. So there is no doubt that the condition of this city will deteriorate day by day. Everyone will agree except the police!

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