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Palashbari: Cement Concrete (CC) Road on the south side of the road from Gudamtari junction of Falakata-Salsalabari construction highway. Although the road was paved at the beginning, it started after five hundred and fifty meters. According to the locals, the administration has fulfilled its responsibility by constructing CC Road in this way a few years ago. But the residents of some villages in Alipurduar and Kochbihar districts are suffering with the remaining two and a half km of dilapidated roads. This is because some of the residents of the district adjacent to the warehouse of East Kanthalbari Gram Panchayat in Alipurduar-1 block also use this road. In this situation, the locals have been demanding for a long time that the two and a half km road be paved or CC road. But nothing is happening at work.

In this regard, East Kanthalbari Gram Panchayat Deputy Chief Sourav Pal said that the district administration has been informed about the demand to pave the remaining roads in Gudamtari area. The work will be done only after allocating money from the district council. On the other hand, Manoranjan Dey, assistant chairman of the district council, said the matter would be looked into if a proposal was sent from the panchayat.

It is known that not only in the case of warehouse. CC roads have been constructed at the mouths of many such villages. The distance of each CC road is 150-200 meters. Somewhere again work has been done on two or three CC road projects. And so the rest of the road is in a state of disrepair. Three CC roads were constructed in the case of that warehouse. Due to the rest of the dilapidated roads, farmers, traders and students suffer a lot in the rainy season.

Rajendra Narjinari, a resident of the warehouse, said, ‘I didn’t understand before. Now it is understood that we have been fooled by making that CC road. So, despite repeated demands, the rest of the road work is not being done. Former Deputy Chief Minister Jagadish Barman said, “CC roads were built in my time. But at that time the proposal for the rest of the road work was sent to the district council.