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‘Looks like you’re outside’ From bare walls to lighting blunders, 7 mistakes that can make your home look cold and gloomy Pi News


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Keeping your home cozy and warm is essential to getting through those cold, dark months and the seemingly endless January.

UK Google searches for ‘cozy’ hit 47,000 last month, making it clear that sleeping at home is now a priority for many Brits.

The mistakes you make in your home can make it feel cold and gloomy

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The mistakes you make in your home can make it feel cold and gloomyCredit: Getty

With this in mind, Victoria Foster, an interior stylist from ScS, shared her experience on how to make your home as comfortable as possible and what mistakes to avoid so that the room doesn’t get cold.


Arrangement of furniture

“Misplaced furniture can disrupt the flow and functionality of a living room.

“This space is meant for relaxing and spending time with friends and family, so it’s important to get your larger pieces of furniture, such as sofas and chairs, right.

“Plan your living room layout with comfortable conversation areas in mind, ensuring that sitting for communication is efficient.

“Ultimately, it depends on the size and shape of your room, but pairing two and three-seater sofas perpendicularly with a large coffee table or footstool offers a great shape to create a cozy atmosphere.

“It’s also important not to place large pieces of furniture in front of radiators, as this will affect the flow of heat around the room.”

No ambient lighting

“Relying on just one light source can create dark corners that make a room feel cold and unwelcoming.

“Or, if you have a very bright light, it can be very bright, making it difficult to relax.

“The living room is the most important room to get the right lighting because you use it to switch off at the end of the day.

“A lamp can add dimension to a room by adding floor lamps or table lamps. Choose lamps with warm colors to create a cozy atmosphere.”

Ignoring floor space

“Having a bare floor can make a living room look incomplete and less inviting.

“Whether you have hardwood floors, laminate flooring, or carpet, any type of flooring can be furnished to create more warmth in a room.

“Rugs help anchor your living space and add warmth and texture to a room.

“I recommend choosing the right size for your existing furniture to ensure it is large enough to fit under the front legs of your sofa(s).

“It creates a cohesive and comfortable zone for your living space.”

No wall decorations

“Bare walls or artwork that doesn’t match the size of the room can make your living room feel stark and cold.

“If you have neutral colored walls and interiors, a lack of artwork or details on the walls can make the room feel flat.

“Use wall space to personalize a room with carefully selected artwork, tall or hanging plants that can become a wall feature, mirrors or wall hangings.

“Consider the size of the piece in relation to the size of the room and be judicious in placement to enhance the visual appeal of the room.

“In general, I recommend trying to keep things symmetrical and choosing one theme or style for each room.”

Not using a balanced color scheme

“Overusing one color or not using complementary colors can make living rooms feel like they’re missing something.

“It can make a room feel cold, especially if the room has strong shades like white or black.

“You can create a balanced color palette by mixing warm and cool colors.

“If you’re not a big fan of color, you can add pops of color to the room through accessories, throw pillows, plants and artwork to add vibrancy and interest.”

Minimal decoration

“While minimalism has been a big trend in interiors, it’s not the most comfortable of aesthetics. A lack of personal touches and accessories can make a living room feel private and unwelcoming.

“Decorate with meaningful artwork, decorative pillows and personal items.

“Make your favorite pieces centerpieces in the room and introduce different elements with plants or mirrors to add warmth and personality.”

Lack of storage

“While minimalism can feel impersonal, too much clutter is also unattractive.

“If you don’t have enough space, it can often make your living room look cluttered and messy.

“For a warm, cozy but clutter-free room, it’s important to invest in modern storage solutions such as built-in shelves, ottomans with hidden storage or entertainment units.

“It helps keep your space organized while contributing to the overall design and adding points of interest that add depth to the aesthetic and in turn feel more inviting and comfortable.”


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