Loudspeaker News: MNS’ letter campaign against bells will now clarify its role in three languages ​​- MNS protest against illegal loudspeakers at mosque ProIQRA News

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M. ta. Special Representative, Mumbai : A new letter campaign will be launched by the party determining the upcoming role of the movement against Bhongya called by MNS President Raj Thackeray. The next direction of this movement and the role of Raj will be in this paper and it will be published in three languages. Raj has ordered the officials to go and deliver the letter to their homes. He also said that no one except the party spokesperson should be present on the issue of Ayodhya tour and Bhonga agitation.

A special meeting of MNS office-bearers was held at Rangsharda Hall in Bandra on Saturday to decide the future direction of the movement against beetles. Party spokesperson Gajanan Kale said that Raj had given the said order at that time. ‘Three major issues were discussed in today’s meeting. Raj Thackeray will write a letter soon. The letter will be given in three languages ​​- Marathi, Hindi and English. Apart from this, MNS will soon start the member registration campaign. Kale said that it was also suggested in the meeting that all general secretaries and leaders should organize meetings of workers in the near future.

Complaint against Brij Bhushan

A complaint has been lodged at Dadar police station by MNS Vice President Laxman Patil and MNS Public Interest Cell against the remarks made in following language by BJP MP Brij Bhushan Singh about Raj Thackeray. It has been demanded that a case should be registered against Brij Bhushan.