Love Island 2023: Hysterical fans play Casey’s trumpet | Pro IQRA News

Love Island 2023: Hysterical fans play Casey’s trumpet

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This involved Kai doing a little live-action drawing, using a suspect Will posing on a chair in just his boxers and carrying a bunch of grapes.

Other contestants used magic tricks, singing, dancing, and trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube in 90 seconds among other things.

However, the best feedback was saved for Casey’s attempt at playing the trumpet.

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Casey approaches with a trumpet (Image: Lifted Entertainment/ITV)

What do Love Island fans think of Casey’s talent?

The islanders themselves had a good laugh at Casey’s poor attempts at playing the trumpet, which was reflected among fans on social media.

A fan compared Casey’s attempt to what contestant Indiyah did on a previous series of Love Island when she tried to turn on the recorder.

“Casey and his trumpet join Milli, her keyboard and the All India Hall of Fame and Recorder,” they wrote.

Another situation: “Why did they do this? Can’t any of them play an instrument well?”

Meanwhile, another person posted: “I’m a top notch trumpeter and all I can say is that it’s awesome.”

Meanwhile, another fan wasn’t complimentary about the show’s seemingly blatant attempt to recreate Indiyah’s disastrous attempt at the recorder, saying, “Why are they trying to recreate the Indiyahs moment from last year?!?!?!?!?”

Another Twitter user echoed the sentiment, saying, “Casey is trying to be a meme. We shouldn’t let him be with his false self.”