Lovers who attempted suicide by consuming poison died in Sakalb Pavani Pi News

Hubli (June 19); Preeti Maya said. Many people are ready to do anything for love. When nothing happens, some people commit suicide. This is the story of these fans. Parents know the villains of their love, we can never meet, parents are afraid of death, thinking that the marriage should not take place. The incident of death of lovers who tried to commit suicide by consuming poison took place in KIMS of Hubli Hospital.

lovers attempt suicide by consuming poison

Rikesh and Jyothi of Haliyala in Uttara Kannada district are the unfortunate deceased. Last Friday, Jyoti Suresh Antolakar and Rikesh Suresh Mirashi of Haliya town tried to commit suicide by consuming poison. The lovers who tried to commit suicide were admitted by their parents to Kim Hospital in Hubli for further treatment. But the treatment failed and today he died in Kims.

love started in college

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It is known that Jyoti and Rikesh were in love with each other during their college days. A few days ago, Jyoti’s family had married her to another youth. Jyoti and Rikesh’s dream of getting married and leading a comfortable life has come true.

lovers united in death

The two lovers, upset that they were distant, that their love had failed, decided to die. In the end, he decided to go with death and tried to commit suicide by consuming poison. The lovers could not be revived by doctors because most of their bodies were poisoned.

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businessman commits suicide by jumping into unkal lake

The incident is from Unkal Lake in Hubli where a businessman committed suicide by jumping into the lake. The deceased has been identified as Sunil Dongde (39), a resident of Keshavpur. It is alleged that Sunil, a cloth merchant, committed suicide due to increasing debt. It is said that Sunil had taken a loan from a meter usurer. It is said that the borrowers were repeatedly harassing the borrowers to repay them. It is learned that fed up with this, Sunil committed suicide.

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It is known that Sunil had made a video before his death. Police and dog squad visited the spot and investigated. Police is taking information from the relatives. The fire brigade took out the body. A case has been registered at Vidyanagar police station and investigation is on.

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