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Drivers have been warned to expect “significant delays” after a lorry rolls over on a highway.

The van flipped on its side on Tuesday evening, with the Greater Manchester Police traffic unit reporting that they were at the scene on the M60 exit at Junction 22 at around 5.50pm.

The driver was not injured, but officers warned it would take some time to make the scene safe.

A Greater Manchester Police spokesperson said: “Severe delays on the M60 ACW exit, slipway junction 22.

Bolton News: Police were on the scene

The police were at the scene (photo: GMP)

“The driver was unharmed but a protracted recovery will follow.”

They added: “An enforcement of red X breaches is also in progress, with many drivers putting us and Highways England staff at risk by ignoring them.

Correspondence in the mail.

“Never drive under a red X as shown.”

Photos provided by officers at the scene show what appears to be a truck on its side on the highway.

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Anyone who witnesses a road or other type of accident or emergency has been encouraged to contact the emergency services as soon as it is safe to do so on 999.

In less urgent cases, members of the public can call the emergency services at 101.


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