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Mumbai- The serial ‘Majhi Tujhe Reshmagath’ on the small screen has become popular in every household. All the actors of the series have made a home in the minds of the audience with their beautiful performances. Especially Chimukali Pari ie Myra Vaikul has become quite popular. The story of the series has now come to an exciting turn. Yash’s grandfather married Neha for the first time and the truth is that Pari is his daughter.

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Not only this, but after realizing that Yash and Neha are not married, Dada is shocked. He was very worried about the success. Dada Neha and Yash are very upset in the upcoming episode of the series. He had also decided not to talk to Neha and Yash. Yash leaves the palace with Neha Pari and Bandu’s uncle and aunty because of the guilt that his grandfather has hurt him.

Grandfather’s anger subsides when he learns that Yash is leaving the house and accepts Yash and Neha’s relationship with Pari. Of course, many dramatic events also take place in this. In the upcoming episodes of the series, Neha and Yash will also do Sakharpura with the wishes of their grandparents. On the official Instagram account of Zee Marathi channel, Chinese videos and some pictures of the two have been shared.

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Now after the sugarplum of these two, the audience is watching their marriage. According to a post shared by an Instagram account providing information about the entertainment world, Yash and Neha’s wedding will take place in a very smart way.

Isha and Vikrant’s grand wedding will be even more spectacular for Yash and Neha in the series ‘Tula Pehte Re’, which aired on Zee Marathi channel a few years back. The shooting of the wedding of both will be done in Silvassa, Gujarat. Of course, neither Zee Marathi nor the makers of the series have confirmed this report. But Yash and Neha’s wedding will be very memorable. The curiosity of the audience to see this wedding has reached Shige.

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