Maharashtra Crisis: More Backfoot Rises, Army-BJP Alliance ProIQRA News

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Pub’s pen webdesk: A new twist in the Maharashtra crisis. This time, the rebel MLAs of Shind are going to give a letter to the Speaker of the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly seeking a vote of confidence following the verdict of the Supreme Court. The pro-Shinde MLAs are preparing to form a government by joining hands with the BJP.

According to sources, the government will be formed by July 5. The BJP is preparing to go to the governor separately. In that case, Shinde Shibir and BJP are preparing to form a government by July 5 to prove their majority.

Who can be the minister of Eknath Shinde camp? For now, this speculation is circulating in the inner circle of Maratha politics. It is learned that if the rebel Shibir forms a government with the BJP, then Shinde can have eight full ministers and five ministers of state.

In all, 12 to 13 rebels could be made ministers. With that, 26 BJP MLAs can become ministers. Among those who are coming up as ministers of Eknath Shibir are Dada Bhuse, Gulabrao Patil, Sandopna Bhumre, Uday Samanta, Shambhuraj Desai, Abdul Sattar, Rajendra Patil, Bachchu Kadu.

The names of Deepak Kesarkar, Prakash Abidkar, Sanjay Raymulk, and Sanjay Shirnath can emerge as new faces.

Mumbai as well as Delhi is sitting in the meeting to determine the fate of Maharashtra! Former Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fardanbish arrived in New Delhi on Tuesday afternoon. Sources said he could hold a meeting with the top leadership of the BJP there.