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The future of the Uddhav Thackeray-led Maha Vikas Aghadi government in the state would depend on the court’s decision, it was predicted earlier; There was nothing wrong with that. As expected, Eknath Shinde’s group moved the Supreme Court against the notice issued by Deputy Speaker Narhari Jirwal to disqualify 16 rebel Shiv Sena MLAs. The 48-hour deadline to respond to the notice expired on Monday evening. Shinde and his accomplice Bharat Gogavale claimed in the court that the notice was invalid. Not only this, when the no-confidence motion was passed against the Deputy Speaker, he also argued that he cannot take any action like this. The petition was filed in the Supreme Court on Sunday evening and it was heard on Monday. Harish Salve, Mahesh Jethmalani; Also, a panel of lawyers like Abhishek Manu Singhvi and Kapil Sibal were present there to argue. The common man’s question once again underlined how the petitions of political parties are always heard so expeditiously. After hearing all these arguments in the preliminary hearing on Monday, the court issued notice to Deputy Speaker Jirwal to present his side. The newly appointed Ajay Chaudhary was also asked to speak on behalf of Shiv Sena. He also ordered that the situation should be kept unchanged with the next hearing of the matter after fifteen days. With this order, Jirwal will no longer be able to hear the side of the rebel MLAs; It also became clear that no action could be taken against him.

In a way this is a big relief for the Eknath Shinde group; But that is not all. Though action cannot be taken against all the rebels, Chief Minister Thackeray has taken action against the ministers who joined the Shinde group. To avoid any kind of trouble in the administration, he has removed the accounts of all the rebel ministers and entrusted the responsibility to other ministers. Some are also interpreting the court’s refusal to move a no-confidence motion against the government. At the moment, it does not appear that the Thackeray government would dare to go for such a proposal; Because all the rebel MLAs in Guwahati were absent from the trust vote; Yet it is now clear that the government does not have enough numbers to prove its majority. In all these games till now the Bharatiya Janata Party has tried to create an image of being in the role of spectator. It is no secret who is behind Shinde’s rebellion and how the BJP will directly benefit from it; However, the BJP is in a mood to drink buttermilk after its failed morning swearing-in experiment.

The BJP is aware that the discredit of this rebellion in Shiv Sena should not come under any circumstances. However, after the rebellion is successful, the BJP may come forward to overthrow the government; But if there is any doubt that the rebellion was a failure, then immediately taking the position that we in Shiv Sena have nothing to do with this rebellion, that party can remain anonymous. However, the situation of Chief Minister Thackeray’s government has become like Poet Grace’s poem ‘Home Thake Sanyasi’. The wall is slowly collapsing, as a minister, a lone MLA, is tearing down the government wall while marching towards Guwahati. No matter how crazy the Shiv Sena may be, the clouds over the existence of their government are getting darker. Shinde has a challenge to move the ground under his feet. Now the question is, how will this government maintain its majority in the legislature, they will have to answer it through direct action. Shinde’s group held a two-thirds majority; However, while voting against Shiv Sena’s decision, he has to make it clear which party he will go with. Without this the sword of incompetence hanging over his head would not be erased. So the government remained in place for the next fortnight. Still he has to fight for survival. Meanwhile, many questions of the people of the state are pending. But who has time to pay attention to them in this tug of war?


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