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The BJP does not leave a single chance to topple the Maharashtra government. Two and a half years ago the Ajit Pawar episode happened in the morning. There was no success in that. Now the same restless souls are doing ‘Operation Kamal’ sitting on the neck of Eknath Shinde. They are suffering from jealousy that the state government has to be brought down by doing anything. Due to whose hidden exploits BJP won the sixth place in the Rajya Sabha elections, it is being revealed. The one who helped the BJP to win the tenth seat in the Legislative Council made the BJP’s rich candidate victorious in the Rajya Sabha and played a role in the defeat of Shiv Sainik Sanjay Pawar.

On Monday, after winning the tenth seat of the Legislative Council, ten Shiv Sena MLAs were ‘lifted’ to Gujarat. Tight security arrangements were made around him. Out of this, two or four MLAs tried to get out of there and run away. Then he was beaten up till he caused bodily harm.

Akola MLA Nitin Deshmukh was so killed that he had a heart attack and had to be admitted to the hospital.

MLA Kailas Patil broke the siege and left from there and somehow reached Mumbai on the road while walking in the midst of heavy rains. In this way four-five MLAs tried to escape from there, then the Gujarat Police caught them and handed them over to the people of ‘Operation Kamal’. What is this way? Will democracy be respected in such a situation?

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The BJP won the tenth seat of the Legislative Council by dishonesting the people who were called so called loyalists of Shiv Sena etc. In this election, BJP won this election by defeating Congress’s official candidate Chandrakant Handore. Handore is the leader of the Deen-Dalit society of Mumbai. By defeating such oppressed dalits, BJP celebrated victory over the votes of the dishonest. Vigorous preparations started by immediately taking the same dishonest people to the land of Gujarat.

Two Shiv Sena candidates Sachin Ahir and Aamsha Padvi emerged victorious. But their official vote also seems to be lacking. Two Nationalist candidates won but the fifth place won by BJP by manipulating votes is a fraud policy and this is the real face of BJP.

Uddhav Thackeray made a powerful statement on the anniversary of Shiv Sena. The fun of power will not work in Maharashtra. The politics of sabotage has started in Maharashtra by showing the fun of central power. The son who sells mother’s milk is not in Shiv Sena, Shiv Sena chief always used to say. Such people should be born in Shiv Sena, it is dishonest from the soil of Maharashtra. Shiv Sena is mother. Taking his oath, the politicians started the market for mother’s milk. Surat was chosen for that market. Should this be considered a coincidence?

Maharashtra Political Crisis Shiv Sena Attacks BJP - Satya Hindi

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj had looted Surat and in the same situation today an attempt is being made to inflict wounds on the identity of Maharashtra. The Thackeray government of Maharashtra is piercing the eyes of the Bharatiya Janata Party. Even more Shiv Sena is stinging. So first attack Shiv Sena and then inflict wounds on Maharashtra. This is clearly visible in politics. The manner in which the government was brought down by the politics of sabotage in Madhya Pradesh, the same ‘pattern’ is being used in Maharashtra and a three-figure drama of performing its aarti by calling himself ‘Kingmaker’ is beginning.

Voting and sabotage of votes for the Legislative Council elections is just the beginning. Now we will win Mumbai. Will capture Mumbai’, said Mangalprabhat Lodha. Everything came in this.

If you want to capture Mumbai, then destabilize Shiv Sena, this is the policy of anti-Maharashtra. Shivrai will not forgive them if they are going to be a participant in the deceit of those Maharashtra traitors who call themselves Mavla. Maharashtra is the state of the grown-ups. Maharashtra will be two steps ahead of other states in maturity. In other states, there will be one-and-a-half grown-ups, while in Maharashtra there are three grown-ups. Maharashtra has a history of ‘seven’ heroes running with gusto and enthusiasm. But those seven heroes ran with gusto and enthusiasm for Swarajya, not for their own political interests. That is why those heroes are still honored today.

Politics is not wrong. But the excessive ambition of power proves to be a bloodthirsty poison. What Shiv Sena gave to innumerable poor people by becoming ‘parents’ did not get the big power in other sides. The saffron flag kept on waving proudly due to the sacrifice of whatever mawla stood for Shiv Sena. Therefore, the soil and Shiv Sainiks of Maharashtra will not forgive those who ate the soil in the election of the Legislative Council.

The Bharatiya Janata Party has left Sharmohya for power politics. If power is not available in a single state, it is his policy to destabilize that state.

These people are expert in plucking people and sowing seeds of Fitoor in them, growing this crop of Fitoor even on stone. But the unemployed ‘Agniveers’ of the country have come out on the road, Hindus are being killed in Kashmir. Chinese army has entered Ladakh. There does not appear to be any plan or threat to get them out. This is his ‘Kingmakers’ company. The British East India Company also did the same at that time. This East India Company finally went through the Boriya-Bedar dam.

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In the Legislative Council result, the spirit of the same East India Company was seen fluttering in Maharashtra. Well done, because of this Maharashtra woke up. When Maharashtra wakes up, water rises, this history should be kept in mind by the East India Company’s Fitoor Mandal. What and how will happen to the government of Maharashtra is not a question. What will happen to those who attack Maharashtra, dishonest Maharashtra? What will happen to those who sow the seed of Fitoor? Will the public forgive those who support unrighteousness under the mask of religion? This is a burning question.

Shiv Sena has a habit of facing crises and storms. Understand once again this history of fluttering on the land of Gujarat! In Gujarat, this troupe must play dandiya, but in Maharashtra it is certain that sword-to-sword fights will happen!