Maharashtra Speaker Election: Shinde or Uddhav? Which camp candidate will get the post of speaker? Fighting on Sunday Maharashtra Assembly Speaker Election Today, Shiv Sena And BJP Fields Their Candidate ProIQRA News

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Maharashtra Speaker Election: Shiv Sena is very confident about the victory of the candidate for the post of Speaker even though it has given up hope of winning the confidence vote. They are hopeful that this influential leader of Ratnagiri district will win the election.

Mumbai: Shind’s plan was to defeat Uddhav in the confidence vote and sit on the throne of Maharashtra. The trust vote was supposed to take place last Thursday. But before that, Uddhav Thackeray resigned from the post of Maharashtra Chief Minister on Wednesday. Shiv Sena’s disgruntled MLA Eknath Shinde has become the new Chief Minister. There is a vote of confidence in the assembly next Monday. Before that, there is another big test in Maharashtra today. Who will be the next speaker will be selected today. Candidates have already been nominated by both the parties yesterday.

The number of members of the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly has also turned upside down due to the revolt of Shiv Sena protesters and the break-up of the Agari alliance. Both sides have some doubts about how many MLAs have the support of either side. In the meantime, BJP and Shiv Sena have nominated speakers. MLA Rahul Neverkar has been nominated as the candidate on behalf of the BJP alliance. On the other hand, Ranjan Salvir has submitted his nomination on behalf of Shiv Sena. Who will sit in the speaker’s chair will be decided on Sunday.

Though he gave up hope of winning the confidence vote, Shiv Sena is very confident of winning the post of Speaker. They are hopeful that this influential leader of Ratnagiri district will win the election. Yesterday, he went with the leaders of Shiv Sena, Congress and NCP and submitted his nomination. On the other hand, the BJP-Eknath Shinde alliance has said that their candidate will win the speaker’s election as they have a majority. Before submitting the nomination papers of the Shiv Sena candidate, the BJP MLA from Kolabar submitted his nomination for the post of Speaker.

Congress leader Nana Patole resigned as Maharashtra’s speaker in February. Since then, Deputy Speaker Jirwal has been the Speaker. However, at the time of allowing the vote of confidence, Governor Bhagat Singh Koshiari had said that the election of the Speaker should be held first. Uddhav Thackeray’s Shibir’s application for a two-vote stay was rejected.