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Due to major blackouts, the power supply has been interrupted in various parts of the country.

Sources of the National Power Control say that the system is currently completely shut down, due to a fault in the main lines, the entire system is down.

According to the sources, efforts are on to find out the cause of the power outage, it may take several hours to restore the power.

The Ministry of Energy says the restoration of grid stations from Warsak has begun.

Power Division says grid has been restored in limited areas of Peshawar and Islamabad Supply Companies. Spokesperson Islamabad Electric Supply Company said power supply to 117 grid stations is interrupted, Spokesperson ISCO said Region Control Center No clear reason has been given by Spokesman ISCO said ISCO administration is in constant touch with relevant authorities.

Electricity supply is also cut off in various areas of Shahr-e-Quaid in Sindh province. Sources of Karachi Electric say that 90% of the city’s electricity is missing. Disturbances in the national grid are the possible cause of this breakdown.

According to the sources, they are investigating to find out the cause of the power outage, it may take 5 hours to fully restore the power.

The KElectric spokesperson says that along with the investigation into the causes of the blackout, teams are also active for the restoration of electricity. According to the water utility, the pumping of water to Karachi is also affected due to the power outage.

LESCO sources said that all big and small cities, including Lahore, have lost electricity in Punjab province. Sources say electricity has been cut in TT Singh, Shorkot, Faisalabad, Gujra, Sargodha, Pir Mahal and many other areas. .

According to the initial information provided by the sources, the power supply has been interrupted due to simultaneous failure of the southern and northern trunk lines.

Orange Lion train services have also been suspended due to power cuts in Lahore.

Quetta Electric Supply Company officials say electricity supply is cut in 22 districts, including Quetta, in Balochistan province Kisco officials have said both transmission lines for electricity coming from Guddu to Quetta have been tripped.

Power supply has been cut in Peshawar since 7:30 am in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. According to sources, electricity has been cut in Peshawar inner city, Sadar, Gul Bihar, Hashtangri, Hayatabad and suburbs. Also Kohat Road, Dalzak. Road, GT Road and Charsadda Road areas are also without power. According to the Peshawar Electric Supply Company, efforts are being made to find out the reasons for the blackout.


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