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This weekend marked the return of the Lennox Island Mawi’omi, or powwow, on PEI’s North Shore with feasts, vendors, dancing, drumming and more.

More than 500 people gathered for the event, some from other First Nations across Canada.

Lennox Island Superintendent Darlene Bernard welcomed the dancers, dressed in jingle dresses and full regalia.

He said powwows should now be called mawi’omis, which is a Mi’kmaw word.

There were lots of people young and old celebrating the heritage and culture and what it looked like.

Passing down knowledge of drumming, dancing and other aspects of Mi’kmaw culture to younger generations is a big part of mawi’omis. (Shane Hennessey/CBC)
Lennox Island Chief Darlene Bernard says she is proud of the Lennox Island First Nation for hosting such a large, lively gathering. (Shane Hennessey/CBC)
Some Mi’kmaq join mawi’omi in the region throughout the summer, following the “Mawi’omi Trail” or powwow schedule. (Shane Hennessey/CBC)
‘Our people need to gather; it’s one of the things we do to heal,” says Bernard. (Shane Hennessey/CBC)
For many, mawi’omis is about healing from past traumas inflicted on Canada’s Indigenous people. (Shane Hennessey/CBC)
Mi’kmaw culture is colorful and happy, says Lennox Island Chief Darlene Bernard. (Shane Hennessey/CBC)
“We’re trying to use more of our Mi’kmaw language in our words. We want to call these gatherings mawi’omis,” said Bernard above, moving away from the word powwow. (Shane Hennessey/CBC)
“It’s like keeping the tradition alive, so it’s extremely important to have these meetings,” Chief Bernard said. (Shane Hennessey/CBC)
“With the colonization of our people, like when we were colonized, we lost all of that. All this has started to happen only in the last 20 years,” says Bernard. “We started very small, but look where we are now.” (Shane Hennessey/CBC)
Non-native participation in Mawi’omis is encouraged. The Lennox Island mawi’omi had intertribal dances for everyone to learn and experience. (Shane Hennessey/CBC)


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