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May 9 will not forget or forgive, Army Chief

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Web Desk: Prime Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has said that May 9 is a dark day in the country’s history, those who instigated, instructed and planned attacks on military installations and civilian property do not deserve any leniency, action will be taken against the criminals. It has begun. During a meeting with political leaders at Corrido Pakistan Peshawar Building and Governor House Peshawar on Thursday, the Prime Minister said that the events of May 9 are highly condemnable. The Prime Minister said that he had visited Radio Pakistan building and was very saddened to see the situation there, such acts are carried out by terrorists.
On the order of Imran Niazi, Jathas did this mischief, they were given formal instructions that they must take action at these places, political parties are protesting but their protests are peaceful, no one has ever attacked military installations like this. The Prime Minister said that in Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Sindh, wherever these incidents took place, the implementation of the law has started against those responsible, there will be absolutely no exception for those found involved, because if they are not really punished. If left, can cause irreparable damage to the land. The prime minister said Imran Niazi and his group are now appealing to countries he used to accuse of toppling his government and asking for their help. The Prime Minister said that the nation has seen the ugly face and duplicity of Imran Niazi
Now the law will come into effect, Radio Pakistan announced independence on 13th and 14th August 1947, its historical heritage has been destroyed, what can be more enmity and destruction. The Prime Minister said that he has chaired a meeting in Peshawar and reviewed the law and order situation, there is good progress in this regard, the performance of the Provincial Government, Chief Secretary, IG Police and related institutions is commendable. Estimate.