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The well-known actress of the Pakistani drama industry, Maryam Nafis, became depressed about the current flood situation.

Actress Maryam Nafees participated in Tehreek-e-Insaf’s phone campaign through stories posted on Instagram yesterday.

During this time, he shared videos of the destruction of the flood in the country and prayed to God for mercy in the midst of depression.

Maryam Nafees shared the video of Swat and wrote in the caption that “Swat is very close to our hearts as we got married there, may God have mercy on us.”

The actress captioned a video that “I don’t want to watch flood videos but this is reality.”

It should be remembered that Maryam Nafis married Aman Ahmed in April this year, her husband is an actor and filmmaker.

Maryam’s wedding pictures and videos went viral on social media and fans congratulated her on her wedding.



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