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Kalit Markhil is a brilliant talent. The sudden death of Majuli Kanmani vocalist Tejaswit Varuva has left Etiya state in a state of grief. Maram Tejaswitaka Geruai Etiya Periyala people are seen in Chakupanir, Kandon’s role is growing Majulit. It’s like no one carries a shiny money bag anymore.

On Wednesday, Teyasvita fell ill during the so-called categorical experiment. Tejasvitak was immediately taken to the hospital. But Tetyalai sang like a palama. Tejasvitak was taken to the hospital, but it was not possible to save his life.

It should be noted that on the occasion of Mahapurusha Shankard’s birth anniversary, child artist Tejasvita fell ill after performing in a cultural program of famous child artists in her village. They were also taken to Garmuru Civil Hospital. But Teyasvita and the knife fell.

It should be noted that Tejasvita gained popularity in the Rajya Sabha through the discussion of music. It was Teyasvita who promoted her songs on social media along with television. Teyasvita was popular in the media due to her talent. Carrying the genius hero of the people of the state.

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