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Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee President Chaudhry Anil Kumar today released the Congress theme song ahead of the Delhi Municipal Corporation elections and flagged off auto-rickshaws for each ward. Besides the State Congress President, Delhi Municipal Corporation Election Campaign Committee Chairman Subhash Chopra, Coordination Committee Chairman Devendra Yadav, Media Committee Chairman Anil Bhardwaj, Publicity Committee Chairman Hari Shankar Gupta etc. were present on this occasion.

Chaudhry Anil Kumar released the Congress theme song and said, “In the Congress theme song, we have depicted the 15 years of Congress history, namely Sheila Dikshiji’s teasing of Delhi, which is only possible with the support of the Congress government.” It happened. In this, with the running metro, growing roads, better climate and clean sanitation, every resident of Delhi is considered prosperous and an equal participant in development. Efforts have been made to convince the people how good Sheilaji’s Delhi was, and again the Congress will do better for the people in the same way.

Chaudhary Anil Kumar says the Congress theme song mentions the present AAP government’s dirty and dirty Delhi and the corruption spread in MCD by BJP in 15 years. BJP and AAP have ruined the climate of Delhi, full of dirt and garbage. They have polluted the air and water of Delhi and the politics of the capital.


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