Members luring jobs and houses, getting them to convert to Islam in Madrasa: Racket for converting Hindus to Muslims was caught Pi News

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A very shocking case of Islamic conversion has come to light in Fatehpur, Uttar Pradesh. Where illegal conversions were being done through Islamic organization targeting unemployed Hindu youths. Under the guise of an Islamic organization, this alleged Islamic conversion racket was busted in a madrasa when Sudhanshu Chauhan, a resident of Varanasi district, flatly refused to convert.

what is the matter

According to media reports, before converting unemployed Hindu youth to Islam, they first make members of their organization by showing the dream of earning a job, house and lakhs of rupees in a big company. And when the Hindu youth takes membership of the Islamic organization, he is sent to the madrasa, where the madrasa’s cleric gives one week training to the Hindu youth to accept Islam and propagate it. Strict monitoring was kept under the entire process. During this training, when the cleric succeeds in brainwashing unemployed Hindu youth, he forcibly converts them.

revealed like this

According to the report, an exercise was going on to convert Sudhanshu Chauhan, a resident of Varanasi, to Islam by converting him to Islam. To which he flatly refused. But after Sudhanshu’s refusal, he was subjected to severe physical and mental torture in the madrasa itself for several days.

As soon as the family came to know about the matter, the family members of Sudhanshu reached the Union Minister Kaushal Kishor and requested him to free their son from the clutches of the Islamic organization. On which the minister called the minister representative of Fatehpur district Anshu Singh Sengar and said that action should be taken in the entire matter immediately. After getting the matter, a complaint was made to the Sadar Kotwali police.

It is being said that in this matter of conversion, district representative of Union Minister Anshu Singh Sengar contacted Sudhanshu Chauhan’s family members and got to know about the whole incident. At the same time, the police, taking action in this whole matter, under the guise of Islamic organization, raided the madrassa running in a rented house located in Lucknow bypass and arrested the 3 accused from the spot and the Hindu youth Sudhanshu was taken hostage in the madrasa itself. He was also recovered and brought to Fatehpur police station.

According to the police, the victim Sudhanshu, while giving information about this whole matter, said that he is a resident of Habibpura Chandua of Sigra police station area of ​​Varanasi. On June 14, Armaan Ali of Ghazipur district had called him and asked him to get a job in a transport company. On this, he reached the Fatehpur Excise office two days later at the address given by Armaan Ali, from where Armaan Ali took him to Turabali’s purva and sent him the next day along with a Muslim youth to the marketing company’s office located at Lucknow Bypass. Where they first took 1000 rupees in the name of registration and then 10000 more were taken later.

Sudhanshu further told that when he reached the same office on 17th June, from there Mohsin, a Muslim youth named Yasin took him and about 20 Hindu boys along with 30 to 40 Muslim men to a madrasa in the city. In the madrassa, they were given the bluff that if they follow them, they can earn one to two lakhs every month. Then there was an argument in the name of the seminar, in which the speakers talked about earning money by joining the Islamic organization.

Sudhanshu, while removing the mask from this whole matter, told that, on the morning of June 19, along with about 50 Hindu boys and 100 Muslim boys, he also took him to a mosque in the city. Where their phones etc. were confiscated and the cleric present in the mosque spoke about adopting and spreading Muslim religion. Where after about a week of training, he was forced to accept Islam. But after Sudhanshu’s refusal, the matter got worse. And it is said that the landlord Aleem had taken him hostage, forcibly forcing him to convert to religion.

However, later on the complaint of the relatives, this whole matter of Islamic conversion came to light. At the same time, the matter is being investigated after the people of the Islamic organization freed Sudhanshu, who was taken hostage. Let us inform that later the police registered a case against the head of the company Iqlakh, Yasin, landlord Aleem, Mohsin, Maulvi, Armaan Ali and one of his unknown Muslim associates on the Tahrir of Sudhanshu under sections of hostage, illegal conversion, cheating. Is. While the arrested Mohsin, Yasin and landlord Alim have been sent to judicial custody by the police, the search has been intensified for the other accused including Maulvi.