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Nagpur. The High Court dismissed the petition filed by the plaintiff by issuing an order on October 4, 2021. The court ordered the Department of Health and the Deputy Director of the Health Service within two weeks to make a decision on the objection submitted by the plaintiff.

According to the orders of the High Court, the decision was to be taken by October 18, but even after almost 1 year, the order was not implemented. In this regard, a contempt of court petition has now been filed on behalf of the petitioner, after hearing which Justice Sunil Shukre and Justice GA Sanap issued a notice to the Principal Secretary, Health Department, State Government, seeking a reply within 4 weeks . On behalf of the plaintiff, AD Mohgaonkar argued.

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According to the applicant, the department published a job advertisement for a nutritionist in which a bachelor’s degree in home science was required for the position. But it is surprising that such people, who did not have this diploma, were also counted among the merits of the department.

The applicant believed that even the employer has no right to change the selection conditions given in the advertisement. An objection was raised on behalf of the applicant in this regard, but the department deferred a decision on it, which would have adversely affected the applicant’s career. The court gave an order to resolve this objection. But the order was not complied with, prompting a contempt petition. After consideration of the case, the court made a corresponding decision.


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