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Karachi, Sep 19 (Language) Pakistan veteran cricketers Javed Miandad and Misbah-ul-Haq on Tuesday defended Babar Azam and said the captain should not be directly blamed for the poor performance in the recently concluded Asia Cup. It is necessary because cricket is a team sport.

Miandad and Misbah, at an event here, advised the country’s cricket officials to avoid showing too much panic after this defeat.

“Why blame only Babar Azam when the rest of the team did not perform well in the Asia Cup matches against India and Sri Lanka,” Miandad said.

He said, “Look, our team is not as bad as it played in the Asia Cup. He has a lot of potential to perform well in the World Cup. It just remains to be seen how our players adapt to Indian conditions and a stadium full of spectators. Our players may face hostility in India.

Misbah also said that Pakistan will do well only when all the players in the team contribute collectively.

He said, “Don’t expect Babar to perform well every time. it is not possible. This team has been successful as a collective unit and they should remember that in India as well.

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