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News Daily Digital Desk: Mohammedan Sporting Club striker Henry Kiseka posted a picture on Facebook saying, “A simple smile is a therapy.” Unadulterated laughter is the real cure.

Black and white camp has posted group pictures on social media. Russian coach Andrei Chernishov is smiling, and former footballer Dipendu Biswas is smiling. This smile can reduce all the tension in an instant. Henry Kiseka smiles before playing one of the toughest matches of his life. The whole Mohammedan Sporting Camp is laughing.

Saturday’s I-League ‘final’. The black-and-white camp match against Gokulam Kerala is practically the final. Whose match, his I-League trophy. Mohammedan Sporting will win the title for the first time. One trophy hungry club will be the best in India.

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The I-League of the 2019-20 season came to another club in Kolkata. In Mohun Bagan. The last time I League came to Kolkata. The head of that team was Spanish coach Kibu Vicuna. Joseba Beitia used to flower on the field. The Green-Maroon Brigade made I-League home by defeating Aizawl 0-1 in Kalyani. Baba Dewara caught the ball in the net of Aizal from Beitia’s pass that day.

The memory of that match of Kalyani is still fresh in my mind. Now the color of his jersey has changed. Betiya’s Roundglass Punjab and Neroka match ended 3-3 in the I-League on Friday. Tomorrow when Mohammedan and Gokulam will fight to win the war, the midfielder will leave Kolkata without anyone knowing.

“I am returning home tomorrow night,” Beitia told News Digital. I don’t think I can watch the Mohammedan Sporting-Gokulam match. However, I greeted both the teams. Very strong team is Mohammedan Sporting and Gokulam. Destroy yourself in the field. ” Baitia’s little advice for Mohammedan Sporting and Gokulam. Beitia has played against two teams in this year’s I-League. Beitia’s Roundglass Punjab lost both the matches against Gokulam. Punjab, however, won one match against Mohammedan and drew another.

The screenplay of I-League a couple of years ago was not as difficult as this time. Mohun Bagan are 16 points ahead of second-placed East Bengal. It was known long ago that the color of I-League would be green-maroon. But this time the fight to win the I-League is breathless. Beitia says, “Both teams are very difficult. It cannot be said separately which team is ahead. However, I personally think that Mohammedan Sporting is ahead of Gokulam. Because Mohammedan will take advantage of playing at home. Lots of supporters will go to the field, Mohammedan will play in front of them. Playing in front of your supporters gives you extra motivation. ”

Beitia scored three goals in the service. The Spanish playmaker said, “We tried to be light-hearted by listening to music the day before the Aizawl match and talking to the family.” From that experience, Beitiya advises the two teams, “You have to be in a light mood.”

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. The pressure they are not feeling is evident in Henry’s post. Unadulterated laughter is the real cure.

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