More attention needs to be paid to integrated districts Pi News

According to a report, the government of Pakistan and the security forces are working on various projects for the youth of the tribal districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa so that they can be trained and get decent jobs by working in different fields. In the tribal districts of Bajaur, Mohmand and Khyber, the government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Information Technology Board Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Frontier Corps North are working together to provide skills to the youth. Not that the people of the amalgamated districts have been totally deprived of the fruits of integration they have been waiting for. Their discipline will be seen in the rest of the districts as well. Not only the situation in the districts but also the process of rehabilitation of earthquake affected educational institutions is still incomplete and incomplete. The establishment of educational institutions in the districts in the form of cadet colleges, schools and other vocational training centers cannot be denied. It is true that the province is not getting 3% of the share of the districts in the NFC award, which is an excuse and a problem in its own right, but it is also a fact that except for the government employees in the districts. No more significant amount of salary payments is being spent but more than 60% of the amount is returned due to non-utilization unless concrete steps are taken in this regard and capacity and arrangements are made to utilize the available resources. There will be no demonstration of capacity. It is not possible to reduce the grievances of the people of the merged districts.
Dangers from extortionists
Only after the arrest and interrogation of the accused responsible for the grenade attack on two factories at Hayatabad Industrial Estate from Shah Kass area of ​​Khyber District and earlier on the petrol pump owned by a senior police officer. It may be so, but it is conceivable that not accepting the demand for extortion behind these incidents is a natural suspicion of re-organization of the type of groups referred to in these incidents. There is a need to take serious steps regarding law and order and especially the protection of business people and to make them feel safe by removing their sense of insecurity through satisfactory measures. To end the unrest in the public and business community.
Inauguration of a remarkable project
Chief Minister Mehmood Khan and Minister for Health and Finance Timur Khan Jhagra inaugurated the first twenty modular operating theaters of the province at Khyber Teaching Hospital yesterday. The operating theaters were set up at a cost of Rs. 25 crore. Talking to media, he said that this is a wonderful step of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government which will revolutionize the concept of healthcare in the province and provide maximum possible benefits to the people of the region. The inauguration of the first twenty modular operations theaters in the province is one of the significant steps taken by the government in the field of healthcare in the province. It is only natural that better treatment facilities should be made available to the people of the province. There is still a need for attention which the government should pay special attention to so that it goes far Appropriate health facilities should also be made available to the people of deprived and deprived areas. It is to be expected that the provincial government will pay attention to the provision of daily treatment facilities to the people along with the useful facility of health card. Opportunities will be available to access medical facilities at nearby hospitals and health centers.