More dangerous variants are expected after Omicron

More dangerous variants are expected after Omicron

Scientists have warned that Hurricane Omekron has virtually assured that it will not be the last variant of the corona virus that the world should be concerned about.

Each infection gives the virus a chance to change, and Omekron has an advantage over its predecessors in that it spreads rapidly throughout the world, despite strengthening the immune system through vaccines and passing past diseases.

This means that the virus can spread further in more people.

Experts do not know what the next variants will look like or whether they could become a global epidemic, but they say there is no guarantee that future episodes of Omekron will cause mild illness or that existing vaccines will cure them. Will work against

Leonardo Martینnez of Boston University said that the faster the omicron spreads, the more chances it has to change, which could lead to more variants.

Since Omicron’s appearance in mid-November, it has engulfed the world like a fire engulfing dry grass.

According to research, the Omecron variant spreads at twice the speed of the Delta variant and at least four times faster than the real Corona virus.

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