Mr. Niazi! Don’t fool people, say where Farah Khan sits: Rana Sanaullah | Pro IQRA News

Mr. Niazi!  Don’t fool people, say where Farah Khan sits: Rana Sanaullah

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ISLAMABAD: Federal Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah has severely criticized Chairman PTI and said that Mr. Niazi! Don’t deceive people, tell me where Farah Khan is sitting? Addressing the press conference, he said that Imran Khan is lying in front of the entire nation. He is misleading the people by lying. Imran Khan can do nothing but blame the political opponents. Rana Sanaullah said that he feels threatened that Maryam Nawaz will expose him. Imran Khan promoted the culture of bad civility in politics. Maryam Nawaz exposed Imran Khan’s so-called politics.She said that Maryam Nawaz has succeeded in exposing Imran Khan. Today Imran Khan said that there is a conspiracy to kill him. He asked what was the conspiracy that day when he broke the gate and went to the court complex? The federal interior minister said that Imran Khan has no right to forcefully enter the court with a vehicle. Imran Khan attacked the judicial complex with armed men yesterday., you wanted to take armed men to the judicial complex, going to court with armed gangs is hooliganism. Did we tell you to go to court with jhats? It is possible for many people to go to court with an armed group.Federal Home Minister Rana Sanaullah said with what shamelessness you talk about looting, tell me where Farah Khan is sitting? And where are they at this time? The interior minister added that Imran Khan is engaged in hooliganism and rioting. He did corruption through Farah Gogi. The theft of Tosha Khana has been proven. Going to court with armed gangs is hooliganism, this person will have to account for looting they want to put pressure on the courts by taking the gangs Muslim League (N) in Punjab President Rana Sanaullah said that Imran Khan injected 50 billion to the country treasury, he took land worth 7 billion rupees in the name of Al-Qadir Trust, when he made false cases for four years, did not glory come?, Maryam Nawaz was treated worst in jail, you cannot hide mischief and crime by pretending, according to which team Imran Khan kept armed groups in Zaman Park. He further said that petrol bombs should be made in plastic bottles or glass bottles. . Calculate it. Imran Khan had said he would commit suicide instead of the IMF deal. Breached the agreement with the IMF. When it was brought, the country was on the way to progress. On 25 May, an attempt was made to attack Islamabad by armed groups.