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Muharram 2019- Find out why Moharram is celebrated

Muharram 2019- Find out why Moharram is celebrated

Moharram is the first month of the Islamic year which runs according to the lunar calendar. This month of the Islamic year is historically very important for Muslims around the world.

In Muslim society, both Sunni and Shia observe Moharram together. However, there is a difference between the two ways. In Islam, the month of Moharram is considered to be the second most harvested month after Ramadan.

Why is Moharram celebrated?

About 1400 years ago today, the year 61 AH was the month of Moharram Mohammed SA Imam Hussein, the grandson of Na (Nawasa), was brutally martyred by the Yazidi forces in the desert of Karbala, Iraq, along with 72 of his comrades.

In memory of the martyrdom of Imam Hussein Moharram Is observed. This is not a festival but a day of mourning.

Shia mourns – people from the Shia group 10 MoharramWearing black clothes till the day of mourning. During the mourning, remembering Imam Hussain, he strikes his own body … (gives pain to the body) 10 MoharramIs also called Ashura.

10 MoharramOn the day of, the people of the Muslim community take the taziya made in the memory of Imam Hussain to the graveyard and martyr it. People from the Muslim community do not attend weddings during this Islamic month.

Sunni keeps roja

On the other hand, the Sunni group in the Muslim community in this Islamic month 10 MoharramKeep fasting till the day of. People from the Sunni community do not mourn like people from the Shia community

Those who were martyred in the cemetery with Imam Hussain are remembered and prayers are offered for the peace of their souls. This is a kind of tribute to the people who were martyred in 61 AH.


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