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My Six Best Glide, by King Charles III

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In order to humanize his image in the week of his coronation, King Charles released details of his six best hairpieces ever. Here he respectfully reveals how they used to keep quiet for him.

Susan George

Young filmmakers may not remember Suzanne as an actress, but I assure you, she was smoking hot straw dogs. We could never marry, for she was a fallen woman who knew carnal pleasure, but that made for a wonderful abandoned affair. Halter top of her Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry It is still in the property collection.

Jane Ward

I can assure the British people that I seldom make love in the bush, given my respect for the natural world and hearing my plant friends tell me to stop. Alas, the girl I met at a polo match who dragged me into those same bushes went on to tell everyone about it. Yeah, it was great, Jane, but the understatement?

Camilla Shand

True love, as my great-grandmother, Queen Victoria said, comes from royal loins, and from the moment we met Dickie was awestruck. How many other intercourses have sparked a constitutional crisis? And are we still exciting, decades later? My sword makes knights, makes earls, and makes her queen.

Lady Sarah McCorquodale

He went like absolute cheerleaders, in the words of one of the bouncers I kicked out for the coarse language. When she was named Master of the Belvoir Hunt later in life, she muttered how apt the title was. Sadly, relations were friendly by then because she was involved with her younger sister and things didn’t go well.

Samantha Fox

I like to keep alive the tradition of the droit de seigneur, so I took advantage of my conferred powers when I opened the Sun newspaper and said to an aide, “This.” She was summoned to the palace and, though a commoner, performed admirably. I think she is now of Sapphic persuasion, for what man could follow that?

Kate Berry

Otherwise, why would an American singer be appointed ambassador to the British Asian Fund if she wasn’t an invasion royal? Even though I was just a prince when our relationship started I will not be rejected. Stunningly dirty. She performs at my coronation on Sunday and later in my room. Orlando and the Queen are cool with it.