Nandi’s penance successful in Kashi, decision of Krishna Janmabhoomi soon: Sakshi Maharaj Pi News

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Where – the matter of Taj Mahal has also reached the court

The heretics, the Mughals tried to destroy our religion and the leftists distorted

Gonda BJP MP Dr. Sakshi Maharaj said that heretics and Mughals tried to destroy our religion. Leftists twisted but our culture remained indelible till today. Today, time and circumstance took a turn and when a yogi sat on power, the milk of milk and the water of water separated. Nandi’s penance for years was successful in Kashi. A grand temple is being constructed at Shri Ram Janmabhoomi. The decision of Krishna Janmabhoomi will also be done soon. The issue of Taj Mahal has also reached the court.

Uttar Pradesh On Saturday, BJP MP from Unnao, Jwalamai place, had reached Sant Kharkhardas Ashram to participate in the Bhandara organized at Sonbarsa Pokhara. He said that Hindus did not attack anyone’s religion and culture. Rather, we adopted the principle of Sarve Bhavantusukhin: Sarve Santu Niramaya, but people did the opposite. Today only Rishi tradition and Indian culture can do the welfare of the world. Today there is turmoil in the world but India is going to come as the guide of the world.