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Nasik: No air-conditioned bus or Pulkar Instead there are huge kadais, gamlas or dekchis Or father’s shoulder Students on their way to school Because students have to cross the Harsrota river every day to go to school This photo is in Pet Taluk Nashik, Maharashtra The river is now overflowing due to recent heavy monsoon rains Students cross it, risking their lives Because there is not even a bridge across the river (Nashyk over a flooded river)

Recently, a news agency posted a tweet about this risky crossing on social media This tweet went viral like a storm Netizens asked, why couldn’t a bridge be built with children in mind? Local residents said: “The river is deep here.” But students have to go to school, so we carry them to school on our shoulders or in large containers.” Local residents appealed to the administration regarding the bridge across the river.

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Large parts of Maharashtra including Raigarh, Palghar, Nashik, Pune, Satara, Kolhapur have been swept by heavy rains this season. An orange rain alert has also been issued in Mumbai, Thane, Gadchiroli, Chandrapur, Ratnagiri, Sindhudurg, Nandurbar and other areas.

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But not only Nasik Every year during monsoons this same scene can be seen in Radhahole Block in Sambalpur, Odisha Here also every year during the rainy season local students have to cross the swollen Harihar River to reach school for their entire lives. Due to the overflow of this river, all communication systems have been disrupted As a result, parents have to wade through neck-deep rivers to take their children to school or Anganwadi centers.

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