National security policy, defense of motherland is indispensable, declared first duty

National security policy, defense of motherland is indispensable, declared first duty

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s first national security policy has declared defense of motherland as indispensable and first duty at all costs.

Prime Minister Imran Khan signs the first National Security Policy documents. According to him, propaganda of aggressive and dangerous ideology in the neighborhood can be a prelude to violent conflict and there is a possibility of using force by the enemy as a policy option at any time.

The policy states that if war is imposed, a full response will be given to all elements of national power for the defense of the motherland and the geographical borders of Pakistan will be protected at all costs and in all circumstances.

To respond to any aggression, the focus will be on advanced defense technology based on self-reliance and the traditional capabilities will be strengthened to further strengthen the Armed Forces. Awareness and electronic warfare capabilities will also be strengthened.

According to the documents, the minimum nuclear capability will be maintained to a minimum without engaging in an arms race for national defense and Pakistan’s nuclear capability is of key importance for regional peace and stability. The focus will be on training, innovation and the need for paramilitary forces, law enforcement agencies for internal security.

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The policy states that aviation security protocols and maritime surveillance will be improved to ensure air, sea and coastal security. Long-term, strong aerial surveillance, asset network, communications and command and control systems will be expanded, while maritime, trade security and anti-piracy, the navy will be further strengthened to curb crime.

Border issues, in particular, will be focused on the Line of Control, the Working Boundary, and the installation of fences on the western border and the development of the tribal districts for the complete elimination of terrorism. Space science and technology will be expanded and consolidated to meet the challenges of the future, while counterfeit and counterfeit information and external operations will be challenged at every level to be effective.

Information, cyber and data security will be a priority and surveillance capabilities will be enhanced. Security will be expanded, confidentiality of government affairs and security of citizens’ data will be ensured. Effective integration with the international technology system will fully protect national interests and guarantee an authentic, strong and reliable defense capability against economic security threats.

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