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What was once an easy trip to the grocery store for John DeWolfe is now a stressful drive through narrow lanes and deep potholes.

DeWolfe lives about 10 minutes east of Alma, NB, a town of less than 300 people.

But what separates DeWolfe from the village is a stretch of Route 114 that was eroded by a winter storm and down to one lane. For the rural community, finding another route is not an option.

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“If I have to go to Alma to the store or anything, I have to go. Or I go the other way and punch all those holes. I’m going to take it this way,” DeWolfe told Global News on Friday.

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Before the summer, residents were told there would be construction to fix the dilapidated roads, but DeWolfe believes its current broken state will remain for now.

This comes after DeWolfe had several conversations with the government that ultimately led to his phone calls not being answered, he claimed.

“Everyone pays their taxes and taxes on everything else. Why can’t they stop the roads instead of sitting and doing nothing?” he said angrily.

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While Alma’s population may be on the smaller side, the town has become popular with tourists due to its proximity to Fundy National Park.

At Cleveland Place, a historic townhouse used as a bookstore and craft store, visitors often expressed frustrations about the condition of the roads.

“Especially with the concern about the safety of their vehicles and the space they get in the road,” says Jane Chrysostom, owner of Cleveland Place.

Chrysostom said any construction along Route 114 appears to have stopped and there is little discussion with the government, so she is not optimistic that the road will see needed repairs in the immediate future.

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Click to play video: 'NB community residents want to fix cracked, potholed road'

Residents of NB community want to fix cracked, potholed road

Residents of NB community want to fix cracked, potholed road – 20 May 2022

“And not communicating with those who live, work and play here has been atrocious,” she added.

Global News has reached out to the Department of Transport and Infrastructure for comment.

A spokesperson provided a link to the province’s three-year infrastructure plan, which says “more projects are expected” for Route 114 in the coming years.

They did not respond to questions about specific timelines for these projects.

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